Monday, October 8, 2012

Two more quilt finishes, William Morris and 1930's

 Below are photos of the last few finishes for clients. The first is based on a Michelle Hill William Morris pattern and is to be a gift for a 90 year old lady. This quilt is quite heavily stippled and stitch in the ditch around all of  the individual appliqué pieces to outline the beautiful work.
The second one is a 1930's quilt and was so fun to quilt each of the white windmills is outline with 1/4 quilting and then a swirly motif has been added to the coloured windmills to create movement.

The last quilt was was a quilt finished a while ago with a flowery meander all over, this again was fun to do. I must admit I do love quilting for myself and others it is so fun to see what others have made and quilt them to bring them to life.

Bye from Jeannette

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