Long arm Rental

Longarm Rentals

Before you  can rent our Longarm we ask that you have taken at least one of our introduction classes to familiarize yourself with a Longarm quilting machine and have shown proficiency.

Rental Sessions are a minimum of 4 hours  and cost $160
Additional time will be available, if needed, at a cost of $30 per hour.

Rentals must be prepaid
All rentals are by reservation only so please ring and see when the machine will be available. If a reservation is made over the phone, a bank deposit is required to book and hold your reservation.   If another person has rented the machine after you, you must vacate the machine even if you are not finished but we can arrange more time at a later date.
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the reserved time in order to receive a refund of the rental payment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the reserved time are non refundable.
You must bring your own quilt tops and backs. We sell batting on the roll, which you may purchase, or bring your own. We have the right to decline the use of particular battings, as cheap batting will wreak havoc with the quilting machine.

Each quilter quilts at his or her own risk:
We do our best to keep the machine in good working order. These are machines, however, and sometimes machines don’t work the way the way we expect! A tension spring may break, for example, or maybe you did not put the bobbin in quite right. Serendipity by Design is not responsible for ripping out errors or replacing fabric.

The mentor program:
If it has been more than six months since you had the class or rented the machine, you must pay for a mentor to help you. The fee is $25 for one session. Mentors give guidance; they do not pin up, rip out, clean up, or do anything other than instruct.

Repeating the class:
If it has been more than one year since you took the class and/or rented the machine, we ask you to please retake one of the introduction classes to re familiarise yourself with the machine.

We stock mostly Superior and Signature thread. If there is a particular colour you want that we do not have, please contact us at least 3 weeks before your session and we will be happy to order the thread for you.  The thread cost is in addition to the rental fee. 

We have a growing collection of both! If there is a particular pattern that you would like and we don’t have it, please let us know at least two weeks ahead of time and we will order it. There is no extra charge for the use of the pantographs. You may not copy or trace them.

Your responsibilities:
It is your responsibility to provide your own stencils, and pattern marking equipment if you choose to use it (such as Pounce).
We expect that you will treat the machines gently, as if they were your own and please ask for guidance if at any time you are unsure of anything.

Please remember that the studio has limited space so please keep this in mind and having another person in the studio with you may distract you from what you are doing. You may have a friend to visit but if that person has not taken the introduction class, they may not help you or touch anything, including pinning. Backrubs, snacks, and water are acceptable!

The Longarm Machine will be in good working order with a new needle, ready for your session and we will always be in attendance, for troubleshooting and guidance. At any time during the rental period  the mentor will have the right and  may step in to terminate the rental session if we feel as though the renter does not have the ability to continue or is not following safe work processes. 

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