Quilt Preperation

Thank you for choosing me to finish your quilt.  You have spent a lot of time and effort piecing your quilt top I will endeavour to bring your ideas for the quilting into reality.

Please  take a few more minutes of extra time to follow the steps below in order to ensure a beautiful finished piece.

Important Preparation Tips:
  •                 Press your quilt top and backing.
  •                 Trim any stray threads on the surface and underside of the top. Be sure to remove     dark coloured threads on the underside of the quilt top, as they will show through light background fabrics.
  •                 Your backing and batting must be at least 8 inches larger than the quilt top. That is, a 4 inch margin is required all around the quilt top.
  •                 Please be sure to square up the quilt top and backing fabric on all sides to ensure that the quilt will lie flat when loaded onto the quilt frame. The top and bottom of your quilt is attached to rollers. It will not mount straight if it's not trimmed square. This is also important for turning the quilt and quilting side borders.
  •                  If you piece your backing, remove the selvage edges where seaming to prevent  puckering.  Please use a 1/2 inch seam allowance, and press backing seams open. Puckers, tucks and wrinkles cannot be quilted out.
  •                 Do not pin or baste layers together.
  •                  Mark the top of your quilt top and backing if it is directional and please make me aware of this at the time you bring your quilt for quilting.

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