Often asked questions


Question One    Is your machine computerised?

 Answer: Many quilter advertise the use a computerised system such as a Intelliquilter or Statler Stitcher. This means they use a computer to guide the machine for both all overs and custom quilting. There are advantages and limitations to computerised systems. They do allow the quilter to let the machine quilt while they undertake other tasks and does ensure repeated motifs are stitched with accuracy and precision.
I have chosen to run my machine without a computer by hand. This decision came after using a computerised Gammil over the last four years, I like the freedom and design control I get by using the non computerised system. This means I am at the machine the whole time it is working and can scale designs up and down and make on the go adjustments for blocks and borders if they are slightly out of square. This ensures that the quilting I do is unique to me and your quilt and will be an original.

 Question Two      Why is custom quilting so expensive? 

Answer: Custom quilting is individually designed and created for each quilt to both complement  the patchwork and fabric design choices. The borders are quilted separately from the main quilt and each block or area of the quilt is uniquely quilted, all of this takes more time and skill with both the design process and execution. Custom work includes cross hatching, and stitch in the ditch.

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