Machine Quilting Guide

Machine Quilting Pricing

The pricing structure is based on the complexity of the quilting which is requested and the size of the quilt top itself. 

The prices below are in New Zealand dollars.

Calculating the size of the quilt top
To calculate the size of the quilt top you measure the length and width of the quilt in inches and multiply it to get a figure based on a square inches. 
For example: The length of the top is 60 inches and the width is 50 inches.
Multiply 65 x 50 and come up with a figure of 300 square inches

To give you an idea a 1 sq.ft = 12 sq.inch = 30,5 sq,cm

Once the size of the quilt top is calculated then the cost of the quilting is going to be dependent on how complex you want the quilting design to be, this is based on the prices below:
Edge to Edge, this is the most simple of quilting and is the same design quilted edge to edge and all over the quilt. This is quite often called a Pantograph, and can be very cost effective for utility quilts that are going to get heavy use.
Simple all over quilting eg. all over meander  (may have hearts, loops, stars etc mixed in with the meander) 
From $4.00 per square inch

from $4.50 per square inch
Custom quilting eg. quilting designs to suit the quilt top and may include meandering, stippling, background fills, echoing or feathering etc
from $5.50 per square inch
Heirloom quilting eg. for sampler quilts where each block, borders or sashes require different quilting to enhance the piecework of the quilt and will often include: Stitch In The Ditch, Micro Stippling, Background fills, and Cross Hatching requires a different design, and multiple thread changes.
This type of quilting requires skill and experience and can be very time consuming
from $9.00 per square inch
Turning charge (where a border or block design requires the quilt be "turned" so the flow of the design can continue) $10.00
Preparation charge eg. Where the backing needs joining, or where I have to "prepare" quilt top and/or backing in order to get it loaded onto the machine.  $25.00 per hour
Batting: I stock both Hobbs Cotton Blend, 240cm wide and Hobbs Polydown  or you can supply your own. Please contact me prior to bringing your batting in as some batting are not suitable for using on the longarm.
Backing Unfortunately at this time I do not carry full  backing widiths but do have some smaller lengths that can be pieced into backings if necessary. 

Binding: I am happy to bind your quilt for you.  I machine the binding to the quilt and then hand sew the binding down.  
$25 per hour
Minimum charge: $75

Threads: I stock Coats, Superior, Wonderfil or Signature threads, depending on colours available and/or your preference. Please ask when you bring your quilt in and we can discuss further the thread charges.

Needle: There is a $8 new needle and thread charge for each quilt top.  This includes around 300 yards of thread (about 3 bobbins worth). .


 Please have at the Questions and Answers page for more explanations. 

This all looks very complicated but it really isn't.  However, I am happy to explain it by email or if you would prefer or call me to make a time for a consultation when we can discuss everything in person.
I will accept cash, and Bank deposit within New Zealand.   Any postage or courier charges are at your cost.

NB: These prices are as at 23rd March 2014 and are subject to change.