Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mystery Quilt

Hi all
The weather has certainly been confusing in Wellington over the last few weeks, earlier this week we had a wild southerly storm and now two days later it is mild and warm again. Autumn has certainly come with a vengeance.
Starting on the 1st April I will be posting the beginning of a mystery quilt, with clues being online the 1st of every month.  I am not able to keep up with testing the patterns I have been designing so have decided to offer a mystery quilt to help keep me on task. On the 1st April I will list the fabric requirements and the first clue, this quilt can be very scrappy or otherwise if you like control you can use less fabrics and a smaller colour palette. In the next few days I will photograph my possible fabrics to give you an idea of what I am going to use.
The colours I am playing with at the moment range from soft pinks to dark red and soft aqua, but it is quit possible that that might change.
All posts must have some colour in them, so here is a photograph of the latest off the long arm. It is a hand appliqued Baltimore the last in the series, one for each of my daughters. This quilt used over 9 bobbins so that is more than 720 yards of thread not counting what was used on the top, and took over a month off and on to quilt it.
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Longarm Quilting Classes

Hi all

New Plans for 2014, classes and new designs

Over the last few years I have often been asked whether I would offer classes on my Longarm and would the machine be available for rental. Due to the new quilt booking program I am now able to offer classes and eventually rental time on the machine  at times when the quilting machine is idle.
The classes run from a introduction class to the more advanced depending where you are on your quilting journey.
All  of the classes are in a small group format class and times are flexible so please contact me if your group or you as  an individual would like to make a time to come for a class. 

Stokeswood Dream
Over the last few months  when not quilting I have been spending the time designing beginner quilt patterns. This has been a very interesting exercise, as I have been quilting for more than quarter of a century and when I make a quilt I do not think of techniques I just do it instinctively.
So as part of the exercise in writing the patterns , I have been writing the pattern and then creating the quilt top following step by step as I go. This has certainly been very revealing as sometimes the written word does not convey exactly the steps required. As time permits in the next few months hope fully more patterns will follow to add to the ones here.

Below is a glimpse of the latest on the machine, this is the last in a series of Baltimore's,  I start 20 years ago, one for each of my daughters. It has been hand appliqued and machine pieced and now I am quilting it on my long arm and hope fully I can finish it by early next week. Thanks for dropping by it is a lovely fine day here so I must go and hang out the washing.

Friday, September 27, 2013

More client quilt finishes

Hi to you all,
As I said in my last post I have been busy with a couple of client quilts. The first is a quilt for a little boys 5th birthday  and is called Space Travel and if you click on the photo the fabric has the most fantastic little spaceman. The quilting is a mixture of free hand stars and ruler work around the yellow stars and was quilted with a variegated thread.

The second quilt is very different is a combination of felt applique and embroidery. All of the flowers and leaves are felt. This quilt was quilted in three threads a red for the border and two others for the centre of the quilt.

Below is the link to the Serendipity By Design Facebook Page if you would like to become a follower.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quilted Table mats for practice pieces

Hi to you all,
I have been rather busy in the last few weeks with a number of client quilts as well as these.

For ever so long I have been wanting to replace the ugly cork mats we use at the dinner table. I needed to either buy or make 16 new table mats, so this is what I did.
 I took two large pieces of  fabric and one strip of polyester batting and quilted then on my long
arm as a whole cloth quilt. The thread I choose to use was Superior So Fine 401 which  blends beautifully.
Then I sub cut them to size,  created a pocket on the back for the cork mats to slide into and then bound them in matching binding.

The process took about two hours on the long arm and then time during the day to cut and sew and then to bind them in front of the television in the evenings. Two of the table mats I have treated differently as I have a large drawer of crochet table mats and cloths from both my mother and grandmothers  so I have attached two of small cloths by hand.

So far I completed 8 with another 8 to go. Six of the table mats are in fabric that I have hand dyed in a soft turquoise aqua color and these have been stitched in a pale soft blue thread. Photographs for these will follow when they are complete. I have totally loved doing these and it will be great to remove the cork mat and be able to wash them when necessary. In the future I think I am going to make some red ones using some hand dyed red fabric but that will not be for a while as I would like to experiment with more batik dying techniques and think I will need at least two metres of fabric dyed ready to go.
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