Saturday, September 29, 2012

Red Brolly Catalicious Quilt is finished with Pucks approval

The red work embroidered blocks are from Red Brolly and they are from a  BOM Catalicious Quilt offered two years ago. 

This quilt I worked on with my elderly cat Noah on my lap in his last few months with us, so have called it "Noah's Quilt", I do have and idea that Puck will now commander it as you can see in the photos. 

The blocks I have made to add to the quilt are a combination of appliqué and pieced and are using left over fabric form the previous red quilts I have made.

With a little help from my friend Puck, and her approval of the finished top I finally took a photo. 

This whole process took over twenty minutes as initially I hung the quilt over the chair and then when I went to get the camera Puck arrived and decided  it was her new toy. 

Then I distracted her by giving her a cuddle and some food and lay the quilt on the ground and she came tearing in at great speed and 
pounced on the quilt. 

Puck does keep us entertained with her antics, and general misbehaviour. 

I am hoping this will be the next on the long arm and will be custom quilted quite heavily block by block.

Will post again soon Jeannette

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  1. Looks really good makes me feel a bit motivated to finish my one. But only a bit


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