Saturday, March 6, 2010

End of February /March Finishes

Hi to everyone.

It is the last days of summer here in New Zealand and early autumn. The fruit on the trees is ripening slowly and the leafs have not started changing colour yet. It iIMG_4704s a great time of year.

On the finishing front I have finished the Mish Mash Stash busters block for March and the centre of Surprisingly Red. I love doing this block of radiating flying geese.  Every member of the group choose a colour and of course I choose red as I had so many small pieces left from Surprisingly Red.

IMG_4854Well here it is as promised the centre of the Surprisingly Red. It looks good in the photo and sits relatively flat. Over the next few weeks I will assemble the top ready for quilting, It is still my aim to finish the top by the 1st April. I have been very disciplined and only working on this at the moment.

Have a look who is visiting us for the weekend IMG_4855 young Flash from next door. I call her  my fence buddy, as I reach thru the fence and pat her at least three or four times a day when her owners are at work, and we play chasing up and down the fence line. She has just turned three and is full of energy all of the time.


Cody loves her coming to stay as he loves to sleep in her basket. That is Cody’s basket the cane one at the back which fits him her basket is only a quarter of the size of his one and he certainly does not fit in it. When Flash comes to stay her two cats move in as well, so we end up with two dogs an four cats, feed time is chaotic as they all need to be separated as the dogs bully the cats into leaving their plates.

Must go it is feed time at the zoo here today, Happy stitching from Jeannete


  1. Wow you are really making headway. What is your quilting plan for this big star quilt? And are you on this self imposed deadline for a specific show? It's beautiful! Love the radiating flying geese, is this a "liberated" block or a pattern with templates? It looks fun.

  2. Wow! Your quilt center looks amazing. I love it!!!

  3. Wow, your Surprising Red is Beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished quilt. Hope you 're enjoying 'zoo' time.


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