Monday, February 22, 2010

Promised Photos

I have got over my “funk” from this morning. IMG_4681

I did my work for the day, went out and did a few errands, brushed Noah my cat and made a star of two. So in all a productive day even with a bad start. On the daughter front she is feeling so much better we are hoping it is a 24 hour virus. IMG_4685

I am at half way point for the stars number 6 is finished. I am going to try and balance the colour movement around the stars so the next six will take a lot more time, but I am on target for getting them finished for the end of the month.

Happy Stitching to everyone.


  1. Those star blocks look amazing.

  2. Hi Jeanette, your blocks are looking good. I posted some fabric to you on today.

  3. That's just beautiful! :0)

    The block I won from you just arrived! I wanted to let you know it got here safe and sound. Thanks so much! :0)

  4. my oh my. you are doing so well at this quilt, it will be finished in no time!


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