Monday, February 22, 2010

I am Cross, and a big moan

This morning I posted on my blog and prepared to go off to my Monday stitching group which is a 35 minute drive away in one direction, in great anticipation of having a great gossip with my friends and getting a bit of hand stitching done.

I had only just arrived to receive a call from my youngest to say she is feeling unwell and wants to come home from school. I love her dearly but why today does she have to get sick, so I pack up my car again leave the lovely homemade cinnamon buns for morning tea at stitching and drive back into the city to pick her up and bring her home. I am now very cross and grumpy, and are now at home preparing to start my accounting job that I do from home. Normally I only do a couple of hours on a Monday but now I am at home I may as well get stuck in.

I am so grumpy, I left home at 9am and was home again by 10.45, so all I achieved this morning was to take the car for  a run, it will now be along week until next Monday.


  1. I know how you feel but at least it isnt worse than what happened. Lucky your daughter wasnt in an accident or you for that matter. Obviously there is a reason why you had to come home...and probably not only your DD being sick...perhaps someone at your sewing group might have been going to upset you or something...I hope today is better for you :) hugs Vicki

  2. Bummer, I hate days like that. Heck, I'm grumpy right now too, but for no good reason at all;-P
    I hope you and your daughter feel better!
    Btw, I did a double take at the date on your post. It's still Sunday afternoon for me,lol!


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