Friday, January 8, 2010

Stash Busting Year

At the beginning of every year I take a stock take of the past year and look towards the new year with joy. As part of this process I tidy and sort the house and my studio. In fact my husband tells me I do this more than once a year he believes that I do it on an on going basis as i am always tidying and making trips to the charity shops with boot loads. This is not true,  it is that I put it in the boot of the car and it can take me more than a week or two to deliver it to the charity shop.

In a earlier post I showed some of the projects left unfinished from 2009. When I was  doing a stock take of what I had left I realised that this project was started in May 2008. I thought I should be honest about the age of this UFO.

red cover

I had not processed very far so this is my target to at least get half thru this by February. Suprisingly red 





The whole project is foundation pieced and each curve seems to take me along time. To help the process I have gone thru my scrap bins and culled all of the suitable sized and coloured scraps that I can use in this project.

IMG_0902This has caused another delay in piecing because I then decided to re organise the drawers and shelves in my studio. First I went out and bought more plastic drawers so I could re sort the drawers into a tidier system. My drawers are all labelled from 1 1/2 inch to 5 1/2 inch in 1/2 increments.  I am now in the process of sorting and ironing all of my scrap bins,  it is now the beginning of my third day  sorting and tidying,but at least the end is now in sight.

I found when folding the material on my shelves material I had forgotten I had and was over whelmed with love for some of them others I thought to my self what ever had possesed me to by this. . I might call this year my stash busting year as last year was the year of the UFO.

Hi to everyone and happy stitching.


  1. You sound like me. I go in my sewing room to do one thing, and I end up doing something else (which usually involves organizing something!)

    It would take me years to iron all of my scraps. I have them all orgazined according to color in clear bins, though.

    I love your blog! Your quilts are gorgeous!!! I am anxious to see everything you finish in 2010. Good luck!

  2. You will be happy when things are organized, and enjoy working on the projects more in a nice organized enviroment. Good for you for doing this.

    Good luck sewing on the quilt - it sounds like a slow going project. But it will be worth it.

    Linda in Calif.

  3. Thanks for dropping bu Linda, since I last posted I have completed two sides of pointy bits, and have totally finihed tidying. It is true it is so much easier to work in a clean space.


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