Monday, March 30, 2009

No quilting and real work

Hi To everyone.

As you might already know my eldest daughter is getting married in early May, and I have decide to make a silk Jacquard coat to wear to the wedding. I have masqueraded as a dress maker many times in the past but it is not since 2000 that I have decided to undertake something as major as this. Over the last eight years I have made skirts, shirts and trousers but not something as completed or that needs so much concentration as this coat. The back and front have four pattern pieces each and need to be pattern design matched. I have almost finished cutting out the material, and interfacing with just the lining to go. The next week will be a juggle as I finish a set of plans and construct the coat. I will post photos every day to keep you posted.

Here is a 3d image of one of the earlier kitchens I was working on a few weeks ago.
Talk to you soon

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  1. wow! that sounds like alot of work! good luck!
    :) Missy


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