Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jacket Construction

Hi again,
I have the front and back assembled of the coat including the back kick pleat at the bottom, I must say I am happy so far. The pattern is fitting together extremly, well if anyone asks I will post the name and number of the pattern. The colours on the computer do not do the material justice. It is dark silvery blue grey back ground with black Jacquard and a little bit of silver high lights.

I did get some quilting done today I took time away from the jacket to put the borders on the neonate quilt challenge so it can be handed over to be quilted I was a bit slack at not completing this sooner. In the evenings I have been working on the Red delicious blocks ans so far have completed one and about half way thru another. All of the blocks are traced and prepared for applique so I can move from to another as I finish.
Today was brilliant I got so many things accomplished, I finished the drawings I was working on, did a final print and they are now ready to take to the client who is also a friend who follows my blog. At this point in the posting it has become difficult to type as I have ended up with my cat Noah on my lap who is always fed about now so I must go and get his dinner ready.

Bye for now.
PS As you can see this is his angry look, he does not like his photo taken and the delay in feeding him.

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