Saturday, September 21, 2013

Quilted Table mats for practice pieces

Hi to you all,
I have been rather busy in the last few weeks with a number of client quilts as well as these.

For ever so long I have been wanting to replace the ugly cork mats we use at the dinner table. I needed to either buy or make 16 new table mats, so this is what I did.
 I took two large pieces of  fabric and one strip of polyester batting and quilted then on my long
arm as a whole cloth quilt. The thread I choose to use was Superior So Fine 401 which  blends beautifully.
Then I sub cut them to size,  created a pocket on the back for the cork mats to slide into and then bound them in matching binding.

The process took about two hours on the long arm and then time during the day to cut and sew and then to bind them in front of the television in the evenings. Two of the table mats I have treated differently as I have a large drawer of crochet table mats and cloths from both my mother and grandmothers  so I have attached two of small cloths by hand.

So far I completed 8 with another 8 to go. Six of the table mats are in fabric that I have hand dyed in a soft turquoise aqua color and these have been stitched in a pale soft blue thread. Photographs for these will follow when they are complete. I have totally loved doing these and it will be great to remove the cork mat and be able to wash them when necessary. In the future I think I am going to make some red ones using some hand dyed red fabric but that will not be for a while as I would like to experiment with more batik dying techniques and think I will need at least two metres of fabric dyed ready to go.
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  1. Ohh this is really cool! what a great idea and I love the one shown with the crochet doily. Now hopefully no one spills their soup! :)

  2. Yes as you thought one has already had a spill on it, a cup of tea. Straight into the machine and dried and back on the table no worse for wear.

  3. Love this idea, your quilting is amazing!!! Good to hear they can be washed and restored good as new!!

  4. They are so beautiful I don't think I would let anyone go near them...


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