Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hi to all,
We are now a 1/4 of the way through the year and April is knocking on the door, which in the southern Hemisphere means Autumn and Winter around the corner. According to the records we have had the driest summer for quite a number of years so on Friday the declared a drought in the North Island  of New Zealand. We have had no significant rain since early February and her in Wellington the authorities are saying we only have enough water for the next twenty days. It is very hard on the farmers and produce growers and this will mean the prices will rise as everything will be in short supply as the year progresses.
In the last week I have had two more finishes both extremely different from each other. One is a modern quilt with straight lines on it and the occasional heartbeat rhythm as the client and I liked to call it.
 While the other is a very traditional Baltimore, hand appliquéd and then quilted on the long arm. I know the purists would be horrified  but as I have three daughters and have appliquéd a Baltimore quilt for each of them and it has taken me 19 years to finish two which means I have one to go that is why I have machine quilted it. My endeavour for this year is to finish the year with no unfinished quilt tops and I will also try and finish the year with no partly pieced quilt tops or ufos. I am not sure if the final statement is achievable but thinking about it, is half way there and this will mean I will not be able to start any new projects after September to achieve it.

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  1. The Baltimore Album is stunning, I can't even imagine quilting something like that by hand. We have technology and we're not afraid to use it :)

  2. The quilts are beautiful! I say go with what is best for you when it comes to quilting!! :-)


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