Sunday, January 27, 2013

 Hi to all,
During the last week or so I have had a break from traditional quilting and made a few different things as explained below.
Yesterday, our first grandchild turned one and had her first birthday party at home with us. We had around 30 plus people for an Ice Cream sundae party.
So we had ice cream and all sorts of toppings and sauces for the guests to dress their own.
There was jelly beans, jet planes, marshmallows,  etc etc and then we had waffle cones or pretty dishes to have the ice cream in.With of course pretty spoons and decorations.

I was too busy during the day to take photos before the guests showed and during the party but finally got around to it  late in the evening showing the aftermath once we had all cleaned up.

During the last week or so I have been making bunting so far I have made somewhere between 10 and 20 metres of bunting in all colours, as you see we had them across the fences around trees and around my studio door, they also are strung across the front verandah.

It was so much fun to create, but I could not stop there so I made a bunting of letters that said "Happy Birthday" and unfortunately this had come down before I remember to take a photo. 

I have an idea for more letters and are going to use left over blocks to create patchwork letters to also use in the future I will endeavour to create some in the next few days and post the ideas here for everyone to see.
Thanks for dropping by

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