Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hexagon quilt and feathers, and my Grandmothers garden variation.

Two posts in a day, that is so unheard of from me in the last few months.
The quilt that is on the machine now is the hand pieced hexagon quilt, I have just been looking for photos of the top and all I can find is photos while the piecing was under way,  I know I finished the top quite a while ago. So far I have completed part on one row, and it will be having free hand feathers, and outline stitching of the flowers. I am going to use three thread colours, and off white for the feathers, a variegated thread for each of the flowers and where I have used a darker cream to create the diamond shapes I will be using a creamy gold variegated thread.
S6300647I am off to work for the next few days so progress will be slow but I expect to get a decent amount of time over the weekend to make some progress.

Does any one remember this quilt it will be going on the long arm over the next week, I just had a look this was pieced back in September 2009, so hopefully it will pieced in July and bound and finished. I have designed what I am going to quilt onto it so at least that is done.

Happy stitching every body

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