Friday, May 4, 2012

Little Pinafores

Hi to everyone,
What started as making one or two pinafores for my granddaughter has turned into a larger project. I finished two over the last weekend, and now have made 5 with two others cut out and ready to sew. As I am working on one ideas come on how I can make the next look different to the first. I have managed to create some with pockets, some with frills and some with bows and some have scalloped bands with more ideas floating around in my head. I know there are six shown in the collage the two on the bottom right are one and the same one is the inside and one is the outer.
This evening in front of  television I will note down all of my ideas into my design journal and complete the hand sewing where necessary.Please let me know what you think of them I would love some feedback.
Over the weekend I will also update you on the hexagon progress, two and half of the large diamonds are completed and I have designed the applique for the centre diamond as well.
Have a great weekend everyone and talk to you soon.

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