Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Apologies

Do you remember thisIMG_4469






And thisIMG_4684






And finally thisIMG_0210









This took a very long five days of around five hours per day over five weeks on a long arm quilter.. But it is finally finished every one of those spikes is outline quilted and there is a lot of cross hatching with so many threads to tidy up. It is all abeled bound and ready to put in the quilt exhibition for the next weekend.

imageAnother finish is  my hexagon quilt, it is all out of one inch hexagons I certainly loved making this but now my fingers are rather sore as I do not use a thimble.

These quilts are the reason I have not been blogging there just has not been enough hours in the week.

Happy stitching to you all I must go off and prepare dinner for the family.


  1. Wow! They both look gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. OMGosh!!!

    Your quilt is stunning!

  3. Simply stunning! Your quilt is just gorgeous! All your hard work has paid off in the end. Your hexi quilt is pretty also, and I imagine that your fingers will appreciate a

  4. I wish you the best at the quilt show. What a beautiful quilt you have, I hope you are proud of your accomplishment. I have a sign in my office. "Success is not always about achievement. Sometimes it's about endurance." You have been successful with this quilt!

  5. All I can say is WOW--you have done yourself proud!!!
    hugs, Di

  6. OMG!!!!!!! Stunning doesn't even cover it.....

  7. Hello Jeannette, the Read Beastie is the hexie quilt...Warm Regards, Lyn

  8. Oh, my, beautiful quilts! Just gorgeous!


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