Monday, March 22, 2010

First loves and new Pages

I have returned to a first love this week and started making some clothes for myself and my daughter Gabrielle.

So far I have made

one Skirt

cut out two others

The new pages is that my DH  has decided to go into business for himself, something neither he or I would have though was on the agenda 17 years ago when we got married. It is rather scary but after the last year we are looking forward with optimism. DH certainly has the experience after nearly 40 years in the Flower Industry.

Over at Crafty Girls Workshop they asked us to spill the beans, so here goes.

  1. My name is Jeannette
  2. Favourite hobby anything with material and fabrics
  3. I seem to be drawn to all patterns and materials depending on my mood, sometimes bright sometimes soft and pretty. I love Fig Tree fabrics and have most of the later ranges. At the moment I am working with some Kafe Fasset and Amy Butler materials for a hand pieced quilt.
  4. I love making clothes and of course quilts
  5. I used to make baby layettes and would love to make more.
  6. I normally sew for the family and have a small pile of gifts ready made distribution

Now that was not to painful to disclose, today I am off to my Monday quilting group to start quilting the Red Beastie, wish me luck.

Happy Stitching Jeannette


  1. Hi Jeanette! I'm so glad you found us and linked to us today (Still Sunday here in the States). Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you'll come back again soon!

    P.S. Free pattern is on it's way to your e-mail box!

  2. Good luck with your sewing! I was so bad at sewing clothing, that I never attempted quilting until just a few months ago. Will we be seeing your new skirt?

    Good Luck to DH!

  3. Visiting from the Crafty Girls Workshop post - I'd love to see photos of the skirts you're making :)

  4. Best wishes for all the success in the world! Venturing out is scary, but can be so rewarding.

  5. Oh my goodness, I have the Red Beastie pattern...........ouch! I wonder if I'll ever really tackle such a major paper piecing effort. I just don't know. I have never enjoyed paper piecing, as it feels backwards to me, but your version is really gorgeous, and maybe I will go for it eventually. Thanks, Michele

  6. Your quilts are so beautiful! Amazing works of art!


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