Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love Mail

Look what arrived in the mail today, two parcels of fabric from the states donated kindly for my Simply Red. IMG_4516 I am not sure if I have told you but a friend is also joining me on the Simply Red trail. Once a week we are going to get together to make the quilt. It will be interesting to see how much stitching we get down with all of the chat and laughter. The aim is to share our reds to get a better variation of spikes. I will keep you posted to show everybody the progress

Best wishes and Happy Stitching from Jeannette


  1. Hey, you never sent me you address so I could send you some reds! You can email it to me at my work if you would like - Msliner@cltlt.com or at my gmail address.

  2. I see the fabric I sent arrived! Glad you can put it to good use! :0)

  3. I thought I loved red! You REALLY love red!!! Great fabrics. I recognize some of them that I used in my snowball challenge quilt.

  4. Glad my envelop made it! Next time I'm working on my red scrappy top I'll pull a few more pieces for you. I have 2 baskets of red! It's my drug of choice in the fabric stores!


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