Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy new Year to All

Welcome to 2010, I have entered the new year with only a few unfinished projects one of them I love dearly is Red Delicious  a BOM by Esther. 

So far I have finished five blocks and are not sure if I am going to finish any more, where I was going to hang it is to small and I do not really have any more wall space to hang it. So as my new start to the year I am going to clean out the cupboards and move on some unfinished projects that I will never finish. I am thinking of giving the unfinished blocks to someone else to finish. Please let me know if you are interested.

You can email me me directly or leave a comment. Thanks Jeannette


  1. Happy 2010... We still have we still have a few hours left in the old year.

  2. Don't worry passing them onto me I don't need anything else to finish!!! I see Esther is going to have a new BOM for 2010

  3. I would love to finish these beautiful blocks. What you have already done is wonderful it would be a shame for these not to be finished and displayed.


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