Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathers Day In New Zealand, so many prize draws.

Hi Everyone today it was Fathers Day here in New Zealand. So as a surprise Gabrielle the youngest child organised that we would take her Dad fishing. We packed a picnic lunch and drove around the harbour where we were able to spend a few glorious hours fishing off the rocks. It was a bright sunny day with just a light southerly wind. The fish were not really biting but he did catch a small rock cod for the cats at home.

There are so many prize draws happening at the moment they are here and here, every body is so generous. No photos of the quilt i am working on at the moment I will edit this post and place the photos tomorrow when it is light again for me to take the photos. Best wishes to you all and Happy stitching.


  1. Hello,

    Sorry I have not been in touch. I have been sick, I then went away for a break and then my computer has been playing up.

    My addie is V Granger,8 Harker Street, Barrington, Christchurch 8024.

    Thanks, Viv

    PS I posted your parcel last week, I hope you like it!!!

  2. Hello Jeannette, how are you?, you asked me for my email and it's:
    I bet you had fun @ fishing with your family!


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