Saturday, September 19, 2009

Charming Girls Update

it is almost the end of the month and I have finished

  • The Hugs Swap items
  • The Stitchers Angel swap pieces
  • My railroad quilt kit from Hancock's
  • Hurrah three out of the four listed items for September are finished. Next month I am going list  the achievable  and not the achievable.

    Kelly has issued a challenge for us to use the letters of your name to list the characteristics of your personality. Most unfair I have told Kelly as she has a short name but here goes for me.

    • J         Just, joyful and jolly
    • e        Energetic, where craft and family are concerned
    • a        Ambitious sometimes too ambitious with the time  available
    • n        Numbers I have a phobia about them, so why do I do patchwork and design my own quilts which need maths and do a job in accounts.
    • n         Normal if there is such a person
    • e         Easily lead a stray
    • t         Tolerant
    • t        Tenacity, I have the tenacity to work thru tough times
    • e         Experimental with new challenges

    Happy Stitching to everyone Jeannette

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    1. You're so right -- not fair. But, it was so fun learning more about you, Jeannette. I too am a little over ambitious given my time limits! But, I do love getting to see the work that comes out of your over ambitiousness (giggle)! Way to go on getting those projects finished!


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