Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thursday Update

Hi Everyone

This seems to be my regular thing now, on a Thursday I have a few hours to myself and are able to photograph and update my blog. Unfortunately it is now Saturday. As promised here is the photos of the quilt that came off the quilting machine on Monday, it took two long days and I will still have to quilt the cream areas either by hand or by home sewing machine I have to decide.

S6300570 The other thing that happened this week was we were taken out for dinner by a group of people that my husband used to work for. While we were out they presented our family a gift of appreciation and my daughter Gabrielle the S6300581most beautiful flowers each. More than forty people came and we felt very special, the evening came completely out of the blue as we thought we were going out dinner with a very small group of special friends. The florist who organised it even had someone who was a client of my husbands from 39 years ago when he first joined the company.S6300568

Talk to you again soon

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