Sunday, July 26, 2009

A finish

Good Morning to all.

The weeks are going by so quickly and not as much progress as I would like to see. But as promised I will post a photo of the finished tote below. I am still in the middle of writing the pattern but at least I have finished the sample. When testing the pattern I found a few vague instructions that need to be corrected. 

DSCF0029This tote is in a a Robyn Pandolph range from a few years ago which I absolutely love.

Hopefully within the next few days I will be able to post the images of the appliqu├ęd borders I am trying to finish when time allows.

Yesterday at the guild meeting we had a Occupational Therapist come and talk to us. I am not sure about you but I quite often have poor posture while doing activities, her suggestion was not to do an activity for more than 30 minutes with out changing the activity i.e. walking to the ironing board from sitting at the sewing machine. The other suggestion was that most of us have our ironing boards at the wrong height they should be around 4 inches below the elbow.  It was a very interesting meeting with a lot of information to take in.

Talk to you soon Jeannette

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