Monday, June 1, 2009

Last hours of giveaway, hail and the cold.

Good morning to everyone. It has been bitterly cold here in Petone, with some snow flurries and hail showers every hour or so with fine sunny spells in between. This is a photo taken in the courtyard after the wind and hail, and the next image is Cody who was trying to work out why his world was so different. Cody is so intriqued with the hail drifts he started to eat it and then decided it was to cold and went around shaking his head.

We have only had Cody for a few years as we re homed him when he was seven, so I am not sure if he has ever seen hail in this quantity before. It is certainly a rarity here in Petone. The light shining in the rear of the first image is my studio where I am catching up on the mending during the hail. I do find it hard to concentrate on the mending when I would rather be quilting. When I get of the computer shortly I will be going back out there to make progress on my Bonnie Hunters Double Delight.
Over at Teresa has a great giveaway of quilting things including this book I would love to win. Please go over and visit.
On the pattern design front I have now designed two more quilt tops and now have to make the samples, one of the samples is going to be in reproduction materials, the other I am not sure.
There are two online quilting stores I would like to acknowledge that give great service and that is
Rossville Quilts
Stitch N Frame
over the last few weeks I have been looking for materials and both of these stores have been more that helpful and very quickly responding to my email questions. Thanks once again to them both and I recommend them both for there great service and helpful advice. I will not post the links as I do not want to be seen as advertising them here but if any one wants them please contact me by email and I will send them to you.

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  1. I am just glad you are all fine...including your lovely puppy. Thanks for the give away links.


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