Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bag giveaway

Good Morning to all, over at Kirstie's blog she is having this great giveaway of this bag. Pop over and have a look. Kirstie also has a esty site to purchase some other great products.

Since last posting I have been pattern writing which is more difficult and time consuming than I thought. I have now written two complete patterns and are on to a 60 x60 quilt pattern now.The tote patterns are going off to be tested by a dear friend. The problem when I am designing is I start off with one idea and it multiplies into many more just like amoeba. I am going to spend this week writing patterns and then over the next few weeks I will produce the samples. So I can photograph them. When I am away from the computer I am still producing hexagons for light relief in the evenings. I think I have made around 20 flowers at this point, with more to come.
P.S The tote giveawy is still happening as soon as it comes back from testing

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  1. Hi Jeanette, thank you for visiting.....I find hexagons fun to do......and have a container that I take in the car to do while waiting for DH....Warm Regards lyn


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