Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have been so lucky, New software

Hi to everyone, I had a great day yesterday I was able to get back to my quilt group after an enforced break due to being unwell. I am not sure what is happening in your part of the world with the Flu, but it is certainly affecting the school rolls. In some schools only a two thirds of the students are at school. It is the middle of winter and it has been extremely cold so maybe this is the reason.

In the last few weeks I have been receiving parcels in the mail at least twice a week, and I do love receiving things in the mail. At the end of May it was my birthday and my family gave me money to buy more “needed” material, they were very generous but did not really understand why I needed more material as I have so much. So over the last threes weeks in the mail I have received three international parcels that contained material enough for a least four quilts which I already have designed I just need to make.I have also three further international parcels that contained gifts and prizes I had won in peoples generous giveaways .

For someone who does not win very often it is like I have had an extended birthday running for over a month. Lucky Me!

This is the first post using windows live and apart from the initial teething problems finding my way around it has been great so far. I love that we can play around with the photo layout and the spelling check is more what I like using. I must go and do some housework and stitching and proceed with my day. Have a good day everybody.


  1. I love receiving parcels too - Looking forward to seeing your quilts

  2. Great win Jeanette and Happy Birthday to you!! :) Its great getting things in the mail and I had a friend who said she doesnt get anything in the mail....I told her to buy something internationally or from somewhere else and she will then get something. I too love getting things in the mail. :)


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