Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wedding, Pay it forward, With a smile

Good Morning. This week has been interesting. My daughter choose to purchase a wedding dress her in Wellington but has had a bad experience. When she found the dress she fell in love with it and the dress only needed minor alterations as the cross over bust gaped a little. The designers suggestion was to shorten the dress at the shoulders seams but this has created other major problems. I wont go into the details but after a nervous five days the dress is now fixed as well as we can do. Thank goodness I have a good friend as an advisor of how to fix the dress as Julia has had her final fitting and she is happy.

Any way on a bright note Jenny over at is running a pay it forward. I know if you have been reading my blog you will have already noticed I have joined another but that is okay because every random act of kindness makes the place a better place. The next three people that make a comment and agree I will send them a hand made gift within the next short while.

I find it interesting when I walk to catch public transport in the morning how many people are rushing every where and not smiling or talking to each other. But if I catch a later bus I quite often come across the retired people out for their morning walk. These people normally say "Good Morning" or comment on the weather. Is it the older generations have more time or is it they have been encouraged to be polite and view the world in a different way. I have a game I play with the people earlier in the morning I smile at them and say "Good Morning" It is interesting how many will smile back. If you are like me and want the world to be a friendlier place lets practise smiling. Let me know what you think.

Another project I have started is a hexagon quilt with the hexagons being a inch in size. This is something I think will take a long time but it is certainly relaxing and certainly not difficult.


  1. I totally agree with you on the smiling thing!!! People need to be nicer!


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