Monday, May 4, 2009

Good morning to all. It is the first Monday of May here in New Zealand and I am not sure where the time goes. Do you remember as a child the time seemed to drag by, but as I get older the time seems to move at a faster pace. I think it is because we try to do more within the short few hours we are given. Particularly if you have absorbing addictions such as patchwork or embroidery or even if you have children and are trying to combine a job, children and the addiction. Add to the mix a family wedding and I think you can all feel where I am coming from.
On Sunday at the Hens Party I gave Julia her garter and pashmina. The garter is made out of dupion silk from my wedding dress. While the lace and pearls from Julia's grandmothers and great grandmothers. This represents something old, something new and the something borrowed is the pashmina that has her initials and the year embroidery on it. I hope this starts a tradition for the women in our family to use this pashmina for their weddings.

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