Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you to all

A big thank you to Vicki, from Tozz's Corner and my other friends who contacted by telephone to cheer me up. I have both the car and the sewing machine home after yesterdays horrible day. I can not say enough for all the great service I have had from Motortech the garage my car goes to, and the Bernina Head Office in Wellington. Thanks to you all for fantastic service.
The gift quilt top is finished and I will quilt hopefully next Monday. Another finish is the silk coat for my daughters wedding, over the last week I had put it on hold due to the school holidays and having to finish the quilt top. Another almost finish is the Neptune's circles, it is all laid out ready to sew into a top. I am still playing with how I am going to finish it with or without appliqued flowers. I will let you know tomorrow.


  1. Jeannette I am glad your car is fixed and your machine too. You have been flat out and certainly didnt need all that to happen as well. Chin up and hang in there :) I am looking forward to seeing the silk coat you made for your daughters wedding, that sounds just lovely. Hugs to you :)

  2. Hi Jeannette

    Just had to pop in and thank you for your comment on my blog:) And then it was so great to come to your blog and see that you are a fellow Kiwi! Woo Hoo!! Have we talked before through our blogs??? I have a feeling we have. Anyway, thanks again:)
    Joanna in New Hampshire but from Hamilton:)


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