Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hi to everyone.
It is a sunny morning here, and before it gets to warm I took our Golden Retriever Cody for a walk. Here he is sitting in the boot of my station wagon. In the photo he is not looking very happy because he wants to go home, this photo was taken late last year when our five adult children all came away on holiday with us including the dogs.

This mornings walk was very pleasant as it had rained over night and the air felt fresh and clean. One of Cody's and my favourite walks is along the beach at the end of our street, this photo was taken looking towards the Petone Wharf and Wellington City.

A question Lynette Andersen posted in her blog was " What quilts were on your bed" and I thought I would show you a quilt made nine years ago created from my stash. About that time I went through a stage of trying to use everything within my stash just like I am now doing. It is a cleansing and liberating process to tidy and use up some of the stash. I have been quilting for so long now that I have enough quilts to swap the quilts on my bed as the mood takes me normally every two weeks or so depending on how I feel. The quilts in colour range from blues, reds mauve's and yellows but not a black quilt, in fact apart from small Amish wall hangings I don not use black. This has changed this year as I are now working on the circle quilt which I posted earlier on. Must go and start quilting Road to st Louis.
Talk to you soon Jeannette

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