Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cars and transport Vechiles

Hi to everyone
I loved quilting this quilt, even though initially I had trouble with the tension and trying to find threads that would work on both the front and back. after quickly contacting two different thread suppliers the suppliers promised the threads would arrive by courier the next day and so they did. What great service from both of them, so with eight threads to choose from I had no problem with starting to quilt. In the finish I used three different threads on the front and a different thread in the bobbin as the back was a really strong pumpkin colour and so different from the front. I had to be very careful and ensure that the tension was tweaked every so often to ensure good tension.

Next on the long arm is this one for me, I finished the appliqué during the week and estimate it will take about a week to quilt. To ensure this will get completed I have put a block of time on the calendar to guarantee it. I am not sure what I will be doing as yet but know what threads and I have already made the backing so it is already to go. I will keep you updated as to progress.
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