Friday, March 16, 2012

First Finish on Gertie

I have finally finished my first custom quilted quilt on the Nolting I call Gertrude of Gertie for short. This rather large quilt I designed in 2010 and  finished the top in 2011. The colours I have used are all shades of blue, and creams through to gold,  I really love it, it is so different to the red quilts I normally make.
This quilt was one of the reasons I decide to invite Gertie to come and live at my place. I really love the look of custom quilting and this has taken me two weeks off and on to finish, in the past I have used a friends long arm but a quilt this size and with this amount of quilting would have taken many many weeks to complete.

Three different threads, a rich creamy gold, a dark blue variegated and a mid steel grey variegated. Using the three diffrerent threads was a challenge as they were all different brands so the tension had to be changed every time the thread was changed. Every part of the light has been quilted and the larger parts of the dark areas have been quilted as well. So far the quilt has no name and no label so I would love some suggestions please, over the next few days I will bind the quilt.
Tomorrow morning I will put on my second quilt  another large quilt which is my version of one of the Bonnie Hunters mystery quilts from a few years ago or may be it will be the hexagon quilt that is ready to go as well.. I hope this one takes me less time.
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