Friday, November 12, 2010

As promised to Chooky Blue

This is only some of my cross stitches I have at least 30 about 6 on display the others are all carefully packaged away in the top of my wardrobe.

IMG_1924 IMG_1922 IMG_1923

These first three are one for each of my three daughters.IMG_1926 IMG_1925

The last two are from my sampler stage. Almost all of the cross stitches are done on fine count Belgium linen. The every day stitchery's that stay out all year are under glass, the seasonal ones are quite often left exposed without glass.

Happy stitching Jeannette


  1. oh i do like to frame mine under glass many hours of's not like you can throw them into the washing machine once they are framed.........
    love all your will you be pulling out some christmas ones soon..........
    thanks for sharing with us.......

  2. You have made some lovely cross stitches Jeanette. I love the samplers best.

  3. Beautiful stitching...thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely cross stitches. I am sure your daughters love them.

  5. What a lovely idea to stitch the girls for your girls :) Lovely work...would love to see more ;)

  6. gorgeous stitching!
    thanks for sharing your lovely work.
    cheers Julz

  7. Just beautiful..
    love the samplers..
    It's so much fun seeing what everyone has done..
    Julia ♥

  8. More beautiful Shepherd's Bush and I love your angels - I also have quite a few of these patterns.

  9. Thanks for sharing, love the little angels

  10. Love those angels you gave to your daughters.

  11. Beautiful work.....shame to hide some in the wardrobe though;)

  12. Beautiful samplers and angels. Lovely framing too.
    Shame to hear you have more packed away. I know what that is like.


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