Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Absent Blogger

My apologies to ever reads my blog. Life has been very hectic here since mid may. I have had a birthday and have reached half a century, and feel no different as to be expected. to celebrate my birthday my children thru a party for me and organised everything to guest list and the catering. On the day of the party the boys stayed home to cook while the girls took me out for the day. As part of the added pleasure for the weekend my brother and his wife and two small children came down for four days and stayed with us as well. It was a very busy couple of weeks.

IMG_0210I have accomplished very little quilting over the last few weeks as I fell over and injured my shoulder so it is only in the last few days I have managed to get anything done. My latest and only finish since the Red Beastie is this, it is hand appliqu├ęd, machined pieced and quilted on my sewing machine at home.   I loved doing the quilting on my machine and plan do do another as soon as possible. 
If you zoom onto the second phot you might be able to see the quilting, some of the stitches are not very even but it is all free motion quilting and I certainly got better the more I did.
The only other preparation I have done for quilting is the preparation of the blocks for one of the swaps I am a member of. It is my turn for the month of July and have requested the block Hunters Star in scrappy reds, creams, whites and tans to gold. In the last week when I have had time I have played with my scraps and completed a few blocks.IMG_0002 This quilt is going to be very different from the inspiration photo I found on the web a while ago. Must go and start work I will certainly be back soon
Happy stitching from Jeannette


  1. The more you quilt, the better you will get, good for you. I love the Hunters Star. I pulled out my red/cream scrappy project this weekend and sewed a little on it. I love the reds and I'll be keeping this one for myself.

  2. Happy belated birthday..........sounds like a wonderful time esp going out with the girls while the boys cooked..........

  3. Your quilt looks great and love the Hunters Star blocks. How is the shoulder??? almost better.

  4. What an adorable quilt! the red and tan one is gorgeous too.


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