Saturday, October 17, 2009


Jenny over at Jenny of ELEFANTZ and Elaine posed a question what do you do with your magazines.

I place my name on the front and either stack them beside my chair to browse thru and then finally they are placed in the bookcase.

When there is a project I like I place coloured marker slip in the top and write on the marker a brief description. The next stage, if I are to work on the project in the foreseeable future I will place the magazine in a plastic sealable bag and include all the necessaries to start the project.

I used to keep a notebook beside my bookcase and if I loaned the magazine I would write the name of the person and the magazine vol and page number if there was somenthing I liked in it. It is quite funny when I go back and look in the notebook so many of the magazines have gone to permanent homes somewhere else and I do not miss them. Please let me S6300199know what you do with your magazines!!!!

Blog Festival. My all time favourite quilt would be this one which I made with a friend and gave away to another friend in June for a major birthday.

Happy stitching Jeannette


  1. I love that Quilt Jennette....I love the colours and the style of the blocks you used in it. Its stunning. :) hugs

  2. Your quilt is wonderful! The fabric selection - which I often find difficult - is just perfect!

  3. Oh, your Lemon Cake sounds so yummy, and that quilt is gorgeous!

  4. Your quilt is stunning! I can't remember that pattern? Was it in a magazine or a book???

  5. That's a grogeous quilt Jeanette!
    Love your colours..
    Julia ♥

  6. I just went through a bunch of magazines. Tore out what I was interested in, put in page protecters in binders. What was left, I took to quilt guild and they were gone like that! I also had a bunch of cooking magazines, and I took those to the thrift store.

  7. Tenho muitas revistas, e quando estou triste gosto de passar os olhos nelas, me animam...
    Tenho separada as que tem projetos que quero fazer, dentro de um saco plastico e se possivel com os tecidos que já tenho para o projeto. Outros levo um tempinho"garimpando" o tecido. Ê isto!!!!


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