Thursday, October 8, 2009

Half Pint Quilt Along


For the  Half Pint Quilt Along I am going to use scraps after a lot of deliberation. In fact it is going to come out of these drawers, S6300984 and my stash.   The only thing I will need to buy is the background and I am not sure of either white or cream. As I finish projects any thing smaller than 10 inches gets cut and placed in these drawers. I have a set of six drawers but as you can see the 2 1/2 inch draw is full to over flowing, in fact I think all the drawers are in a similar situation. So this must mean I need to make some more scrap quilts. Let me know how you sort your materials I would be very interested to know.

Happy stitching from Jeannette

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  1. Hi Jeannette--OK what is a Half pint quilt along--I must not have the same blog sites as you as I have not seen this one??? Like I need another challenge--but I do have some nice scrap stash---?????
    Hugs, Di


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