Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day two of the road trip

This morning we woke to more rain, in fact torrential rain with a heavy rain warning for the whole of New Zealand. Well you cannot do much about the weather so we got into the car and continued on our way north. Before leaving Taupo I visited the local Patchwork shop called “Clever Hands” where I was very restrained and did not purchase any thing. After the short shopping excursion we travelled to Rotorua where we had lunch an visited another patchwork shop called “Cottage Flair” where I weaken and bought some fat quarters.

The whole reason for the trip north to Whakatane was to visit my brother and his wife and their two small children of four and three who we have not seen for more than eighteen months.

After the long trip we got to spend two great days with them all talking walking along the beach and of course playing with the children. I forgot to mention swimming of course and fishing for the hardier of us.

Then on Monday it was a long trip home of some eight hours driving and back to work on Tuesday.

Unfortunately no stitching for a least a week but may be tomorrow I will be able to catch up, or may be not as it is our youngest 16th birthday and we have dinner for us all tomorrow night tp prepare.

Happy stitching from Jeannette

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