Saturday, August 1, 2009

Charming Girls Quilt Club August Update

Okay now it is the 1st August here in Nz but only the 31st in US so I am going to slip in the last quilt on my challenge to get finished. Well almost I still need to appliqué flowers and the stems in the corners. But this will be done by midnight tonight.

Now for the month of August I am going to finish two bindings for two quilts, this pile of material in pinks, browns and aqua's is going to be turned into a quilt top for my middle daughter Abbey. 

Also it is my intent to make a tea towel for the tea towel swap I have agreed to join and three Christmas  gifts for the Christmas in August challenge. These three are going to be hot water bottles covers for my in-laws. As part of the August challenge I am also going to finish writing the pattern for the quilt above. It is great to write down what i would like to achieve this month as I am a constant list maker but it is rather frightening because I am not a relaxed person when it comes to my lists as I must achieve everything on the list. I now I must relax as they are only deadlines I have set myself but I hate straying from a task set. May be that is the target for August I set myself to be more relaxed with the lists !!!!

More Good news over at MamaSparks there is a great giveaway. It is a gift voucher for Bunny Hill


Talk to you soon


  1. Oh my, you have quite a list of projects to choose from this month. Good luck to you!

  2. Nice projects to be working on! I do hope you are working on them and not wasting time on the computer ;) Now get back to work!

  3. Sew many pretty projects, so little time! I love the quilt you designed with the Simplicity fabric -- just heart warming! In scrolling through, I see you've made wonderful progress! Love the two quilts! Great work -- hope it was relaxing and enjoyable!


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