Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Adventures, Thank you to Sherri, Tagged

Good Afternoon to all. I have been designing a patchwork tote that has been lurking around in my mind. I decided that when I attended retreats and go out to my stitching group that I want everything together. So far I have designed a two simple applique designs and worked two samples they just need to be completed and photographed. Here is a sneak peak. So far the two that I have designed one is to hold patchwork supplies while the other is to hold my design journal/ portfolio and stationery supplies that goes everywhere with me.

I am thinking of embarking into pattern design, while I am always designing and creating new patterns it is just I never stop to write down the instructions and produce a pattern that someone else could follow. I have decided that it is about time I used the skills I have and use them.
I am please to say and very excited that I won a giveaway on the Inklingo giveaway and yesterday I received the gift from Sherri for agreeing to be tagged it is a great little bag that is going with my portfolio tote I am designing and making at the moment.
By the way the wedding went off with out a hitch and they are away at the moment on honeymoon. Next week I will let you all onto a secret why receiving these small gifts made the week extra special. A few posts ago I offered a small gift to the first few people that agreed to be tagged the offer is still open. Please either comment on this posting I will leave the offer open for another week or two, or my 50th post
which ever comes first.


  1. Jeanette - I don't know what I'm doing about 85% of the time when I'm working on the blog, so somehow I got posted before I was finished.... We do the notion comment later. We'd like to know the brand on your scissors - we want to put the notion comments on a shopping list for YBA. And since you obviously know way more than I do about blogging, how do you get the music on the blog. I love it!

  2. Hi Jeannette

    My name is Catherine Sanchez and I am the Editor for Homespun magazine in Sydney, Australia. I am wondering whether you would be able to email me in relation to your designs featured here (I tried to find an email for you but couldn't do so). I would be interested in possibly working with you and would be very grateful if you can get in touch at

    Look forward to hearing from you.



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