Friday, April 24, 2009


Good Morning to all, This morning I volunteered to be Tagged by Sherri over at As I understand the rule are that we have to let you know a few strange facts about ourselves.

1/ My mother and I share the same first names.

2/I studied music from the age of eight to I left school and played the recorder, flute, clarinet and the cello. But on leaving school only continued with playing the flute,which I can still play.

3/ My first two major purchases on leaving school were a flute and a sewing machine.

4/ I have owned four sewing machines from an old treadle Singer machine that I learnt to sew on, to the Elna and Bernina I still have and use regularly. The machine I purchase on leaving school I upgraded to my Elna 26 yrs ago.

5/ I am a Gemini

6/ and 7/ Every year I make at least one new years resolution, over the years they have ranged from learning to swim proper lengths when I was in my late twenty's, to learning to ride a bike in my mid forty's.
8/ I was at university with two of my children and we each received our degrees in following years.

9/ I am definitely a morning person and can sleep for no more than five hours a night and quite often wake at around 2am and sit and read or stitch.

10/ This image shows one of my most favourite places in the world apart from home, and that is Petone beach. It is less than a five minute work at the end of the street, and is a 15 minute drive to the central CBD of Wellington which is the capital of New Zealand. It is some where we can walk, watch the sea and relax and swim in the summer.
For the first two people that post and email me when they do about being tagged I would love to send them a small gift like Sherri is doing. Please visit again.

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