Monday, April 20, 2009

Good morning to all.
This morning I am meant to be at my quilt group which is a twenty minute drive away, but unfortunately I are at home posting a new post. My little red car broke down this morning and had to be towed to the garage for repairs. It actually broke down in the middle of a intersection with buses and cars coming from all directions, and a really kind bus driver got out of the bus and pushed my car of the road and thru the intersection where I could call the garage. My day if it could not get any worse took a downward spiral at this point. My husband came to pick me up and my daughter Gabrielle put my sewing machine out of my car into the boot of her dads car where it fell over when travelling home. I had not realised that's where they had put the machine as I was talking to the mechanic etc. When I got home I set up my machine thinking it could not have been damaged to find out that the feed dogs will not go up and down and the foot will not sit on the bed of the machine.

In the next hour or so my very patient husband Bruce has said he will take me and the machine up to the Bernina Service Centre who have told me that it will be away for at least until next tuesday.

Thankfully I have an old elna which I have got out so I can finish a quilt top before the end of the week. When that is finished I will revisit the circle quilt above. A few weeks ago I posted about the dilemma of the Neptune circle's that when

I sub cut I do not get perfect circle or it creates am illusion of not a perfect circle well I have decided to sew the circles altogether and applique a garden over the top. I will keep you posted to show you progress.

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  1. Oh dear it sounds like a real horrid morning for you. I do hope your car is not too expensive to fix and also your sewing machine. Your blocks are looking really good and you are clever to get them so neat :)


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