Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hi Everyone, Sorry about the delay in posting. The last week have been catching up on real work i.e the kind I am trained for. Over the last week I have completed the drawings for a kitchen that I was asked to do a design and plans for a few weeks ago. The design has worked well and I will present to the client on Monday.

At the sewing machine I have made a very small neo natal quilt for the new unit that opens this month in Wellington. The stitching group that I go to on Monday's decided to make neonatal quilts for the new unit, normally we make for the Women's Refuge but decided on a change of direction for the next two months. The quilt is only 27 x 27 and we all had a feature fabric to work from. To make the feature fabric work with my stash I will need to raid a friends stash to put the border on. As part of the challenge was No Buy.

Hand Stitching wise I have been working on Breast of Friends, Block one which is now finished and I will start block two this evening. I have decided to do all the hand embroidery and then when I have more blocks finished, sit at the sewing machine and piece the borders all at one time. My apologies block one has been washed but not ironed and looks very rumpled.
Talk to you again soon.

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  1. Just browsing through other Petone blogs. This is beautifully designed blog. Good luck.


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